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Concrete Artistry

Creating Unique Landscapes in Concrete

Transforming blank spaces into beautiful, artistic and functional concrete areas by using a combination of COLOURS and PATTERNS

A smart choice when renovating ordinary blank spaces is to turn them into something extraordinary. Allsett Concrete Solutions is able to create custom artwork and designs PATIOS or DRIVEWAYS even POOL SUROUNDS for any small or large domestic or commercial project on the Central Coast.

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Concrete Artistry
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Concrete is now easy to love

Concrete is pretty amazing stuff! It is extremely tough, durable, long lasting and the weight baring capacity incredible. It is no longer just grey concrete!

The beauty in concrete has been discovered and uncovered by many and as each and every area is different, only ones imagination is able to see what can be placed in that new space.

A range of simple concreting but different screeding and finishing techniques our technicians use can create a number of surprising finished patterns or textures in the drying concrete.

Adding one of the hundreds of available colours or the blending of a number of colours, using a STENCILLING or set in place a STAMPED pattern. Some home owners use a EXPOSED AGGREGATE in combination with other foms of concrete finishes to creat an effect. Concrete can even be made look like TIMBER and the timer look can be in ANY colour. All designed to create a one of a kind look. YOUR LOOK!

Time and time again we hear from customers on the central coast who are surprised to learn about the artful possibilities that decorative concrete is able to present. Homeowners with special projects and Architects putting together commercial buildings with lots of open space are often looking for something different and now with public enthusiasm and demands for a new look on the rise, decorative concreters creating concrete artistry are continuing to innovate and are coming up with new and fresh ideas to turning concrete in to an art form.

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Artistry Solutions

Compare the Patterns, Finishes and Colours Available for Artistic Concreting Projects

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Artistry in Concrete - Domestic and Industrial


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