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Covid Safe plan


Here we are AGAIN back to the Lock Down Rules.


Allsett Concrete Solutions is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE

To ensure the health of customers and my team there will be certain conditions to put into place and make practical.

All and any quotations will be completed with only one member of the house hold or person onsite and myself.

While greetings are important there will not be any shaking of hands and the 1.5meter rule between parties will be a must.

At no time will any member of our team be lead through the inside of a dwelling or office to back yard or the rear of the property to provide quotations. If insufficient access is not avaliable to get the site or a passage is obstructed the quotation will be postponed till access is clear.

All payments must be made by bank transfer and no acceptance of cash will be accepted.

All concrete pours will be poured in sections to ensure you that you will only have a maximum of 5 men on the property at any given time and during the pour.

It will be appreciated if you were to observe the work from inside of the premises unless of course you have any questions while the job is commencing.

I will be wearing a mask on arrival to complete the quotation and request our future customers do the same.

YOU MUST!!! Inform us prior to the quote if you are currently in isolation.

YOU MUST!!! Inform us if you have flu like symptoms prior to visiting and completing the quotation and before the commencement of works. Failure to advise us of any health issues could result in the job being cancelled or postponed until symptoms are clear.

So please feel free to contact us for a quotation. With some very simple precautions we can conduct work as usual without the risk of being shut down with no health risks and help flatten the curve while still doing what we love...stay safe guys.

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