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Concrete Driveways

Not So Regular Traditional Concrete Driveways

Allsett Concrete Solutions provide a professional service to accommodate all your future and current driveway needs.

Driveways are no longer just grey concrete!

AllSett Concrete Solutions offers an extensive range of finishes including Stencilled - Stamped Patterned driveways and Exposed Aggregate

All designed for you to select from, let your creative side go wild!

You can design and own a driveway like no other!

AllSett Concrete Solutions only use the very best and most reputable products when constructing your new driveway and backed up with a crew who have an extensive background in the concrete industry.

You can rest assure your new driveway will look amazing and with stand the test of time.

Without doubt a professionally laid driveway will not only improve your property's appearance but will also add value to your biggest asset, your home.


Although concrete is a very durable product, decorative concrete does need some minor maintenance in order to keep your new driveway looking beautiful for years to come.

It is recommended that with decorative concrete you reseal it every 12 months in order to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant but in some cases where excessive wear and tear may apply you may want to reseal it more regularly.

Extra Measures

There are some measures you can take to avoid excessive wear and tear such as in driveways that have a turn circle in them to conduct a three point turn ensure you straighten your wheels whilst rolling instead of screwing your tires at a standstill, just simple thing like that ensure your new drive way will look awesome for many years.


There is also a wide range of CONCRETE FINISHES that not only look great but also serve a purpose, let us say you have a very steep access to your driveway and find you are spinning the wheels when exiting your property and need some extra grip, there are finishes/textures to avoid this and look fantastic as well.

Council Requirements

When constructing a new driveway in some areas one may require that the new drive way be approved by council such as the section from your front fence line to the road. This area is called a crossover or VAC. The crossover or VAC section in most cases will need approval from your local council and will need a few documents to go with it such as a DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG and Traffic Management Plan to ensure that your approval is a smooth process.

At Allsett Concrete Solutions we provide such documents for you, so all you need to do is lodge an application and we look after the rest.

From the commencement of work through to the first drive on your new asset you can feel confident you have hired only the best to construct you brand new driveway.

Feel free to check out our COLOUR - PATTERN page to help assist you in selecting your new driveway.

Compare the Patterns, Finishes and Colours Available for Artistic Concreting Projects

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