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A Variety of Concrete Finishes

Create a Unique Look to your Concrete Project

Float or Smooth Trowell FinishSmooth or float Trowell Finish

Finished with hand or automotic [helicopter] trowelling to a smooth finish. Is the perfect finish for small pathways and patios. The standard finish for slabs, ready for tiling or other floor finishings.

Standard Broom FinishStandard Broom Finish

Fine lines cross the driveway or pathway created by drawing a broom across the concrete. Creates a non-slip finish perfect for sloping pathways and driveways.

Cove Trowell FinishTrowell Finish

The Trowell finish can crete a half circular fan shaped effect. Will create a non-slip finish great for for sloping pathways and driveways.

Choose from a Variety of Colours

Do not settle for grey concrete, select one of the many colours that can be blended into the concrete mix to create a coloured surface without the need of painting.

Variety of Concrete Colours

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