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Swimming Pool Surrounds

Decorative Concrete - It is no longer just grey concrete!

Patterned - Pebbles - Exposed Aggregate - Perfection of Concrete Artistry

Should a swimming pool already be in place or the decision has been made to have a pool installed, it goes without saying that this area will be the focal point of your home and yard.

Coloured Concrete with Pattern
Exposed Aggregate
Concrete Timer Look Finish


The swimming pool surrounds need to fit in to the zone created for the pool area. A seamless transition that slides in well with the rest of the surroundings of the home.

Concrete is an ideal choice for the all-important pool surrounds. Keeping in mind that concrete is no longer just grey! These days decorative concrete is so versatile in design and composition and it can be much cheaper that many other products.

Decorative concrete can be shaped into stylish curves or the regimental straight lines just like premium tile work. Using the CONCRETE ARTISTRY of today the types of finish, COLOURS and PATTERNS are all most endless - Smooth Trowel Finish - Standard Broom Finish - Cove Trowel Finish just to mention a few.

Increasing your choice there are other forms of concrete finishes are available like a brushed-through, or a stamped pattern effect. EXPOSED AGGREATE is another good choice for an ideal for pool surround. The concrete containing the selected aggregate and colour is laid into position then the top coating of cement is washed off the top exposing the selected colours, the natural stones underneath and has with other benefits such as a non-skid surface.

Some of the benefits of using concrete for the swimming pool surrounds.

Concrete is Economical

Using concrete presents wonderful value for money for any pool surface projects, considering the swimming pool will take up a sizable part of the homeowner's real estate. The pool area needs fit in well with its surrounding and a concrete pour is generally far more economical plus any desired colours can be added not to mention straight edges, tile shapes and number of different tints can be created by using a stamped pattern. Allsett Concrete Solutions understand that with any project the outgoing costs need to be contained and advise that decorative concrete is a very affordable solution for new pool or pool renovators working to a budget.

Concrete can be Heat Resistant

Those using darker tone bricks or pavers will find that the surface on hot sunny days will heat the ground and they can become very, very hot and not so good for walking on in bare feet. Using decorative concrete for the swimming pool surrounds are able to use particular finishes that will significantly lower the surface temperature on those extremely hot days,

Concrete Swimming Pool Surround Maintenance

CONCRETE MAINTENANCE Concrete is a very durable product and is designed to withstand the test of time. However it still requires some maintenance to keep newly laid, and older concrete looking great.

Un-like paving or bricking materials while they are tough and long lasting they will require a lot of up keep, meaning much more maintenance than decorative concrete. The joints in the paver and bricks may need to be de-weeded or in some cases re-grouted. Pavers have a habit of moving, they can shift out of place due the weather or just heavy traffic. That means lifting and relaying. SEALED and maintained concrete in most cases is free of these problems and simply needs the occasional wash down and maybe scrub, keeping it as clean and fresh just as it was when it was first laid.

Concrete Slip-resistance Grip

Mostly in the summer month's swimming pool and pool surrounds can be very high-traffic wet areas and in many cases these surface areas can become very slippery. So it is impeditive and crucial that these areas are kept slip-resistance.

There are a number of pool surface materials that can become slippery when wet, with concrete there are numerous grades of coarseness, that improves grip. Meaning a good looking pool surround or areas can be slip and skid resistance.

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