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Horizontal Slabs of Steel Reinforced Concrete

At Alllsett Concrete Solutions we know and understand the importance of the base of any job, "THE SLAB"

House Commercial Building Construction Slabs
House Commercial Building Construction Slabs
House Commercial Building Construction Slabs


Horizontal slabs of steel reinforced concrete are not just a matter of pouring concrete in to a space. In all slab installations the site will require clearing, benching and levelling, only then can the concrete pouring begin.

Every slab pour and setting up has different requirements, conventional concrete slabs are a slab that has beams and columns constructed around and throughout the slab to provide loading point to support the internal walls and so on. These slabs are usually constructed with backfill to create the beams and are a very strong slab foundation for multi-story builds.

Conventional Slab

Conventional SlabsFrom small shed, garage, patio or pool surround slabs right though to large industrial slabs we have got you covered. Our team are very experienced in most types of concrete slabs. From plan reading, council requirements, waffle pods to conventional or infill slabs, our team have the knowledge and expertise and will get the job done quickly, efficiently and in an effective manner. Giving all our customers a very hassle free experience.

Pod Slab

Industrial SlabPod slabs are a slab that is constructed with foam pods to create the beams and tend to be a cheaper option to the conventional but still strong none the less. So basically the perimeter boards are installed and then once the ground is level we install the pods to create the beams and install steel bars throughout the pods to reinforce the slab then fill with concrete.

Preparing the Ground

Allset Concrete Solutions are more than just a concrete specialists.

Our services include working with commercial, industrial or residential projects.

Our team of specialist concrete installers are available to complete or assist with the preparation work. With any areas that needs to be trenched, levelled, set up for peering or light clearing is involved before a reinforced concrete slab or slabs are installed.

Installing the Slab

Amateurs installing formwork and pouring a concrete slab can be either happy or sad, they could have saved money or created a costly experience. Forming up and pouring a concrete slab can be very intimidating. One mistake, even a small one, can turn you project into a nightmare!

Industrial SlabPouring a slab is not a job to take on as a beginner. It is advisable to pay a little more and get the job done right! Pouring a concrete slab is easy if you have done it hundreds and hundreds of times like our team has at Allset Concrete Solutions.

The area has been cleared the form work and steel are in place and the concrete ordered, the pouring is next. The concrete is ordered in cubic meters and normally delivered by truck direct to the site. Depending on distance from the truck carrying the concrete to the areas to be concreted in some cases an extra concrete chute maybe required to reach from the truck to the formed up area. In other cases a CONCRETE PUMP could be required to move the concrete to the formwork.

It does help to have a good day without showers, but the professionals can in most case work in light rain. An early start is always helpful, especially if the day ahead is going to be HOT.

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