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Timber Stencilling

Unique Timber Imitation Concrete Stencilling Sencilled Artistry

Allsett Concrete Solutions are experienced in the unique new look of Stencilled Concrete including the look-alike timber stencilling.

Timber Imitation Stencilled Concrete
Timber Imitation Stencilled Concrete
Timber Imitation Stencilled Concrete


Stenciled Concrete Timber Syle

Stenciling and colouring the old grey concrete came in to being in the early 1980's. The customers at the time were looking for change as an alternative to pattern stamped concrete.

With timber look stenciling, once the concrete has been laid with the selected COLOUR already added. The surface is then prepared and made ready for the timber stenciled design to be lightly pressed into that freshly laid concrete surface. In simple terms a PATTERNED template is rolled over and pressed into the still wet concrete then removed when almost dry creating a timber look floor. The timber look concrete now having all the benefits of a timer floor look, but made from concrete using a pattern.

Concrete timber look stencils offer an effective and economical way of creating a timer look floor. Which looks great and in most cases is faster and cheaper to put in place and has much, much less maintenance as concrete will not warp, bend, twist or creak and it will not require re-staining, re- nailing or screwing.

Stencils come in many forms and repeating PATTERNS such as brick pattern or stone pattern and can be used in many different concerting jobs like PATIOS - DRIVEWAYS - POOL SUROUNDS and many other concreting applications like pathways and garage or shed floors and so on

Some if the advantages of using Stenciled Concrete is that it can give the appearance of real brick, stone, or tiles and It can also be combined with the colour of your choice, complementing the home or other areas.

The stenciled process is similar to STAMPED CONCRETE. Stenciled concrete can be and in most cases clients have a colour added and then have the job protected for the longer term by several coats of SEALER. which helps the surface looking great, regular MAINTENANCE is recommended.

You can do this yourself by using a light scrubbing brush, with a softer style of detergent or clean off with a low-pressure hosing or presure washer. It is also a good idea to assist in prolonging the life of the stenciled concrete, have it resealed every few years.

You can also book one of our team members to call out and clean or reseal the concrete by calling 0402 757 091.

Having your concerting job completed in stenciled Coloured concrete can only be limited only by one's own imagination. Stenciled concrete is another concreting option that is made available to our Allsett Concrete Solutions customers. Stenciled Concrete can be used to help brightening a boring pathway or that special outdoor living area or could be used to create a new flooring look in your home or office. Concrete is a very versatile product, being practical and at the same time decorative.

Choose from a Variety of Colours

Do not settle for grey concrete, select one of the many colours that can be blended into the concrete mix to create a coloured surface without the need of painting.

Variety of Stamped Concrete Colours

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