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Stamped Concrete - Textured Concrete - Imprinted Concrete

Driveways - Pathways - Patios

Allsett Concrete Solutions are very experienced in the unique new look of Stamped Concrete including the look-alike Timber Stamping or Sencilling.

Stamped concrete is also known as imprinted concrete or sometimes call textured concrete.

Stamped Concrete Patios
Stamped Concrete Pathways
Stamprd Concrete Driveways


The stamped PATTERNS is able to replicate other types of surfaces, such as cobble stone, brick, tile, and these days the TIMBER look is very popular.

Stamping, Stencilling or applying patterns and colouring to old grey concrete started happening in the early 1980's. The then concrete users were wanting a change to something different as an alternative to that grey flat look.

Stamped concrete styling or ARTISTRY has been around for some years but has grown in popularity, because as the professionals at Allsett Concrete Solutions will tell you it is easy to put in place and comes in is dozens of COLOURS. and a number of different designs.

Stamped concrete can be used for many applications and is commonly used to add an aesthetic dimension to dress up PATIO floor areas, DRIVEWAYS, pathways, courtyards, and many other areas where concrete is used.

Pathways can be made look fantastic by utilising a stamped slate texture to provide a very natural feel and look, then surround the path with pebbles and plants.

Stamped concrete can be been used to create a natural texture and ambience around SWIMMING POOL areas. The textures are able to blend in well with the landscaping, and help give a tropical look around pool.

Colour stamped concrete will add a new dimension to a patio area or steps to a front or rear door, around a BBQ or fire pit in the back yard.

Stamp concrete can be placed into just about any area and in any shape or size. Squares, Round, Paver Shape, Cobble Stones, a Slate or Timber look, the choice is almost endless!

Please call for an Allsett Concrete Solutions expert to visit you and show you how a new look coloured - stamped concrete area will enhance and increase the value of the property

Choose from a Variety of Colours

Do not settle for grey concrete, select one of the many colours that can be blended into the concrete mix to create a coloured surface without the need of painting.

Variety of Stamped Concrete Colours

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